Thursday, January 7, 2016

Hello to you, 2016!!

Brand New Year.  It's that time again for people to make New Year Resolutions about exercising more, and eating healthier, and start running, and who knows what else.  I admit it.  I've been one of those people with the list of things I am committing myself to do in the new year; only to fall short a few months later.

This year started a little different for me though.  Aside from carrying around a few extra pounds (I have a chip addiction!),  I found out, after having some bloodwork done, that some numbers are a little higher than they should be.  A lot higher since my gallbladder surgery. Talk about a wake-up call!

So, instead of new year resolutions, I have I-want-to-live-to-100 resolutions.  I have begun exercising regularly and so far, I've exercise every day.  I've also modified my eating habits to include more veggies, and healthier versions of the foods I love.  

I have never been one to diet.  As a matter in fact, the thought of dieting made me hungry and always made me binge eat.  Seriously.  This time I am not dieting.  I'm making a conscious decision to adopt healthier eating habits that will stay with me for as long as I'm alive.  There isn't a number of pounds I'm looking to lose, or a particular size of clothing I'm wanting to wear.  My only goal right now is to be a healthier version of me.  Just that simple.

For starters, I am putting my elliptical machine to use.  After collecting dust for the majority of last year, it has finally been used consistently the last week.  I think it's happy. Ha!

I have started tracking my meals so I can easily see what I've eaten and what I may be missing from my diet.  I've added foods that I loved as a kid and stopped eating because it was more convenient to pick something "quick" than to fix a meal at home.  

I know that healthy eating is going to eventually result in weight loss but that isn't my goal.  I have already noticed that I feel better overall, just after one week of exercise and better food. 

I plan to blog about life as usual, except now I may be sharing recipes too.  Like black bean burgers.  Who knew meatless burgers could be so awesome??  

So welcome to my journey in 2016! Pull up a chair and relax.  Oh and no making fun of my yoga poses, ok?


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Paula Smith said...

I am proud of you and you choosing to make a life change. I decided the same thing three months ago and decided also, it not a diet, it's a life style change for a healthier me.
Wish we lived closer to each other so we we could exercise together.