Thursday, April 8, 2010

10 People who I would love to meet

My list of ten people who are alive today, and I would love to meet.

1) Dalai Lama. His messages are usually about love and harmony and peace. I think a lot can be learned from him. Plus my father is a Buddhist.

2) Queen Elizabeth. She is a fascinating person to me. For decades, she has been in a position of power usually occupied by men. I'd like to know how she really felt about the late princess Diana.

3) Gabriel Garcia Marquez. He is my favorite author. I love his work and would love to sit down with him and just listen to his life experience.

4) John McCain. Not because I want to discuss politics with him, but because I've always found him to be a fascinating person of integrity.

5) George Bush Sr. Again, no political discussion here. I want to ask him about the whole issue with Noriega. Was he really trained by the CIA? What happened that made him turn against the USA.

6) Jenna Bush. I like her. I think she has a good heart. Ever since I heard about her doing work in Panama with children who are suffering of AIDS, I wanted to meet her. Plus, I want to know what it's like to have a dad who sits in the Oval Office. How do you stay "real"?

7) George Clooney, because he looks like he would be tons of fun. and of course, he is easy on the eyes too. ha!

8) Drew Brees. Do I really need to say why? Not only is he cute, he won the Superbowl, and he has a good heart.

9) The Pope. I want to know why he continues to ignore the pain of the victims and the pain of the millions of Catholics around the world who are struggling with the sexual abuse scandal. Why hasn't he come out and defend himself against the accusations? And why has he allowed other clergy to call the accusations "petty gossip"?
I'm certain this meeting would consist of a lot of yelling by me, and a lot of silence by him.

10) Hon. Sonia Sotomayor. What can I say? She is an immigrant (like me), a latina woman, who has lived the American dream. I'd want to hear about her journey.