Wednesday, March 5, 2008

New month, new office

Time to start over. Hopefully I will do a better job at keeping this blog updated.

I have moved into our new office. If you drive on Amite Street, our building is in the first intersection, corner of Amite and President. They are still working on the outside, and once it's finished, it's going to look great. I'm adjusting to this change, but overall it has been great.

I've decided that rather than blogging about nothing, I will blog about things that have been on my mind. First up, fertility.

I was listening to Dave Ramsey on the way back from the field the other day. A woman had called to get his opinion about borrowing $20K to undergo fertility treatments. I didn't get to hear his advice on the subject, but it got me thinking. Would I be willing to spend that much money and undergo all that treatment to bring a kid into this world? Would you?

I always thought if I couldn't have kids the old fashioned way, I would adopt. So many children out there who need loving parents, why not be that parent?

The thing that struck me was this woman said "I need to have a baby". I never felt I "needed" to have a kid. I wanted children, but I didn't need them as one needs a drink of water, or new clothes, or a car. I wanted them.

Perhaps she was emotional and chose the wrong word, I don't know. I kept wondering if she "needed" this baby as one needs a new purse, as a possession and not as the amazing gift a new life represents.