Thursday, October 28, 2010

What the heck is that?

They have been staring at me for weeks. I can hear them laughing and mocking me. All this time I've been in denial. Of course, it doesn't help when people try to convince me I'm "seeing things".

If you know me, you know I'm not one to freak out about age. I have adopted the philosophy that age is just a number, and you are only as old as you feel. Of course, that means there are days when I feel twice my age, and others when I pretend I'm still a college coed.

This philosophy has served me well until this morning, when I saw the multitude of gray hairs that have sprouted out in my head!

Why me? I come from a long line of women who barely have any gray hairs. My 90 year old grandmother probably has less gray hairs than I do at this point. So why me? Why should I get this gene when no one else did?

My hairdresser, my husband, my sister; they've all tried to convince me I'm seeing things. That I'm the only person who can see them. Yeah, right. It is hard to hide gray hairs on black background, ask me how I know.

I know, I know. What happened to my philosophy on age? It's still there. I still think I'm only as old as I feel. My issue is, how can I feel 10 years younger when my hair keeps reminding me how close I am to my next milestone birthday? Mother Nature is simply not cooperating with me.

If I were a guy, I guess this wouldn't really face me. It's not unusual for 30-something men to have a few grays here and there. It adds character, right? But I'm not a guy, and I like my hair the color it is, thankyouverymuch!

I've tried to evict these offending grays, but they refuse to leave. As a matter in fact, they've brought their whole families, and friends to inhabit my head. Did they not get the memo? I am NOT old enough to have gray hairs!

So, these holidays I plan on getting acquainted with Miss Clairol and all her peeps. If you see me wearing a hat, you'll know our get together may have not gone as planned.