Our Family

Big C
Husband, and father, and our homeschool teacher.  Best partner a girl could ever ask for!  He understand the need the boys have to be boys and has taken on the task of educating our kids without hesitation.

Little C
My oldest and only daughter.  A teenager.  A kind loving soul who has embraced life from the moment she came into this world.  Wise beyond her years.  She has weathered the change from school to homeschool and has come out stronger on the other end.  She is a great cook, and wants to own her own restaurant one day.

Littlest C
AKA Twin A.  AKA Resident Techie.  My oldest boy (if only by one minute!).  Incredibly smart, he understands all electronic gadgets we own better than any of us. Video game whiz, I'm hoping one day he will design a video game that will make us, I mean him, a millionaire. 

Martial B
AKA Twin B.  Also known as the protector, as he will be accompanying her to every date.  As his twin brother, he loves to learn, but not always from books.  He is a fan of all things dinosaurs and can spend hours watching documentaries about it. 

Crazy Latina
That would be me.  I'm mom to these incredible kids, and wife to this incredible man.  I'm an eternal student, and love to learn.  Aside from my role as wife and mom; I'm also an engineer and work full time outside my home.  I'm the "principal/superintendent" of our homeschool.  I get to research curriculum, plan our lessons, plan our field trips, but most importantly I get to watch my children discover the wonderful world out there. 

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