Friday, April 24, 2015

Why I blog

I'm not new to blogging.  I have been doing this (poorly at times) for a long time.  

Back in 2007 I decided that having 3 kids, including 9 months old twins, and a full time job wasn't enough of a challenge and decided I wanted to train for a marathon.  Why no one questioned my sanity at that time will remain an unsolved mystery.  That's when I started blogging.  It was a way to document the training and connect with the other people who were part of that training group.

I'm no Forrest Gump, so running because I felt like running wasn't enough; so I decided to raise money for CFC International.  If I was crazy enough to run 26.2 miles, someone worthy should benefit from my insanity.  Once I had a purpose, the miles didn't seem as daunting.  Want to see what I was thinking about back then? Here is where you'll find all about my Road to Chicago Marathon.

After that was over, I decided to continue blogging, and here we are.  I have documented so much about my life in this blog.  It is therapeutic to me to put my feelings into words, it's always been. 
What started as a way to document my marathon training has evolved into a way of sharing what life is like for a crazy Panamanian living in the South.  I blog about everything, family, school, books, you name it, if it interests me, I've probably written about it.

Here are some of my favorites (in particular order).  I like going back to read and see how much I have 'evolved' in some areas (not afraid of the ocean anymore!) and how I'm still the same in others.

1)  Don't know much about me? Here are some tidbits. Always evolving
2) Not sure where in the world is Panama? Allow me to show you
3) Why I love books
4) What would my life be like if I wasn't a mom?  I'll tell you
5) My mission statement-
6) 25 Random things about me
7)  Know someone expecting twins? Share my tutorial with them
8) Some of my unforgettable moments
9) More unforgettable moments 
10) Things I've discovered about homeschooling 

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