Monday, August 4, 2014

New School Year has begun!

Buckle your seat belts, put your seats in the upright position, because this plane is taking off!

Today was our first official day of the 2014-2015 year.  My house has officially a 7th grader and two 3rd graders.  To say I'm a little overwhelmed is an understatement.

My day began quite early, because unlike the kids, I am an early riser.  Not by choice, but necessity as I have to be at work early every day. 
I made the kids a special breakfast since it was their first day: Cinnamon rolls.  I wish I had taken a picture, but there wasn't time or any left for that matter.

The kids were eager to start, if only so they could get in their workboxes and dig out the snacks I had placed in there last night after they went to bed.  We started our morning with a prayer and off we went.

The day was long, and it had its moments (meltdowns and tears) but overall we had a much better day than we did a year ago.  We all know what to expect and we all know the work has to get done.

In  a matter of hours, I realized how grateful I am that two of my kids are twins; because I honestly don't know how moms of more than 1 kid homeschool.  Trying to figure out how to schedule time on the computer was the very first hurdle I encountered.  No matter how well planned it was in my planner, one of the boys took his sweet time completing the assignment; while his sister waited to get started on hers.

I finally just sent my husband to buy a laptop because, well, we just need one.  That made the rest of the day go a lot smoother.  It allowed my daughter to do her school work without the constant "get off the computer, it's my turn" chant.

The twins received a reminder that their school work is their responsibility, not mine or their dad's.  If they take all day; well they will have no free time.  So use your time wisely.  This year we are back to using agendas; so they have no excuse for not knowing what they are supposed to do. 

We started with a lighter load this week; which I think made a huge difference today.  We will add geography, art, and history next week, once we have a routine going.  I really need to find an online curriculum for Spanish, because as much as I want to teach them at night, it's just not happening.  Their time around me needs to be so they can practice their Spanish; not for lessons.  Off to find something that will satisfy me.

My 7th grader will also be getting a lesson in time management this year. I have not scheduled her day as I did her brothers.  I've given her assignments that need to be completed each day; and reminded her all has to be done; no exceptions.  I'm here to guide her on how to manage her day but I want to see her try first.  I won't always be there to do it for her; and I've seen my share of people in the real world who have zero time management skills in the workplace.
I'm cautiously optimistic that this year will go a lot smoother than last.  We are doing a year round schedule so we have a lot of flexible time, for those times when life happens; or mom just needs a vacation.

Oh and I leave you with our newly redone study room aka dining room 


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