Friday, October 29, 2010

Trick or Treat

Every year I make a promise (to myself) that I will buy the costumes for next year as soon as they go on sale, and I will prepared for Halloween the following year.
Every year I forget all about it the minute it is over.

Last night found me at Wally World looking for a Batman costume. Of course they only had ONE and it was 100 times bigger than the boy who was going to wear it. Lots of Bat girl costumes though.

Wait, Bat Girl? Spider girl? Seriously?

I'm all for women equality. As a matter in fact, I have a career in a male dominated field. But come on! There is no Spider Girl, there is Spider MAN. There is nothing wrong with a girl wearing a Spider man costume if that's what she wants to be. No need to create super heroes that don't exist, so we can accommodate people's feelings.

Where was I? Oh yeah. Did not find Batman but found a Ninja costume, for the most adorable Asian-looking boy (and no, he is not Asian).

I was never fond of Halloween until I had kids. I guess since this wasn't something we did growing up, it was hard to get into the whole trick or treating thing. Until I had kids.

It's fun, the kids love dressing up and spooking each other, and the candy. Let's not forget the candy. So why are we starting to call it everything BUT Halloween? To make everyone happy. Are we going to start calling Thanksgiving something else too so we can be politically correct?

I like Halloween, I like the history behind it, but most of all, I like the excitement in my kids' face when they put their costumes on and become Spiderman, Ninjas and Vampires.
There is nothing evil about Halloween unless you make it evil. In my house, it's a fun day, when we get to be superheroes or scary people. I like that.

I think this year I'm going to be a tar ball, ha! Or a very tired engineer mom... Or a vampire...

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