Wednesday, April 21, 2010

When I grow up, I want to be...

I was thinking the other day about so many different jobs I'd like to try. I have a list of things I'd like to do, but what about jobs I'd like to have? Never really thought about it until I walked to get coffee the next morning.

So here is a list of jobs I would like to try, at least once. If money was no object and I could do them all just for the experience, I would. Wealthy benefactor, are you reading this?

1) Chef. I love to cook and I think I'm pretty good at it. I would love to run a kitchen, and spend a whole day around food.

2) Lawyer. Because this has been a dream of mine since childhood, and if money was no object, I wouldn't have to borrow a small fortune to get a law degree.

3) Teacher. I'm not sure why I'd like to be a teacher, they are underpaid, and don't receive the respect they deserve. Still, I'd like the opportunity to open up little minds to an endless world of possibility.

4) Travel Channel host, you know those people who have all those travel shows? Who wouldn't want to get paid to travel and see the world? I would.

5) Operator of the Panama Canal. Just because. It's an engineering marble, it's in my country, what else can I say?

6) Owner of a Coffee Shop/Bakery. I love coffee, and I love bread. I'd love to own a quaint little coffee shop where people could come in, have coffee, pastries, relax.

7) Pilot. Once upon a time, I considered joining the Navy. It wasn't meant to be, but I'd love to learn how to fly a plane.

8) Party Planner/Caterer. I think it'd be fun to plan parties for people, don't you?

9) Artist. I'm somewhat "challenged" in the creative arts department. I don't sing, play instruments, and my paintings won't be on the walls of any museums any time soon. But I'd love to be an artist.

10) Writer. I want people to pay so they can read my ramblings. ha!

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