Friday, April 30, 2010


I had one of those moments today, when I thought "wow, I'm actually doing just fine when it comes to this parenting thing".

My oldest child is finishing 2nd grade in a few weeks. As most schools, hers also participates in the Accelerated Reader program. They have to meet monthly goals in order to get their grades in Reading, but the kids who achieve 100 points during the school year have the opportunity to go on a field trip.

Last year, we didn't meet the goal of 100 points. We came close, somewhere around the 70s. It was our first year, she was still new to reading, and I was pretty proud of her because getting those points was not easy. You see, most books at her reading level are worth only 1/2 a point. Getting to 70 meant she had to read over 100 books, all while attending dance lessons, music lessons, and playing soccer.

When this school year began, she said she wanted to go on the field trip. I told her she could go as long as she did the work. I cannot read the books for her, nor can I take the tests for her. I explained she had to set her goal and stay committed to achieving it. And I told her I knew she could do it.

Today was award day at school. They were handed out certificates, and the Headmaster read outloud their total points for the Accelerated Reader program. I was so proud when she said my daughter's name and her total points: 178.4

I can tell you getting all those points was all her doing. I did not nag her to read, I didn't have to remind her, or yell and scream at her to do her work. She knew she wanted to go on that field trip and shortly after the Christmas holiday, she arrived at the 100 points mark.

But she didn't stop there. She decided to see if she could get to 200 points before awards day. I once again reminded her she has a busy schedule, other activities to tend to, and that I would be proud of her regardless.

She didn't get to 200 points but that really doesn't matter to either of us. She was beaming, very proud of her accomplishment. I was very proud of her because I know she earned it on her own. Yes, I bought some of the books she read, and took her to the library to get books too. But this was all her doing.

I'm elated that my child got to the experience the pride one feels when accomplishing a goal.


Parents & Kids Magazine said...

Yes, I'd have to say, you are doing this parent thing right. And yes, I know that today's perfect may not be tomorrow's right--things change. But for this moment, right now, you've hit a home run. Enjoy it! You are a great mom and I am thrilled to have found your blog! Go mom! Go daughter! Gretchen (from P&K)

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