Thursday, April 22, 2010

Change and Possibility

I'll be the first to admit I don't like change. Mostly because I like to research, and research, and research some more before I make a decision about anything. So when change happens, and I haven't done my research, it rattles me and leaves me without a map.
But change brings possibility right along with it. It is always there, if I just remain calm, I will find it.

In the last month, our family has been going through many changes. Some of them were planned (by yours truly) mostly, others were a long time coming, and I just had to step back and allow them to happen. I'd be lying if I said I haven't been nervous about it. I have, I'm human, and it's in my nature.

But I've been trying to stop and smell the roses, find the possibilities, the new world that these changes have been opening up for us.

My family has found a new place to worship, together as a family. It may seem trivial to you, it isn't so for me. Being able to worship as a family is one of those "big ticket items" on my list of things families do together. Perhaps it is because I never had that as a child, but I want my kids to grow up believing in something bigger than themselves. I guess I want to lay the foundation, they'll finish building once they get old enough to make their decisions.

This new change hasn't been easy for me. Kids adapt easier, and even my husband has. This change has meant stepping in faith into a new beginning. Cutting ties with what I've known my entire life, and opening up to a world of possibilities in this new life.

We've also found ourselves busier than ever, both my husband and I. Work has been multiplying for him, which is a blessing in these hard economic times. It's easy for me to sit and complain because I don't get to spend a lot of time with him because he is busy. But this too brings lots of possibilities along with it. Maybe we'll get to move into a new house sooner than we anticipated, maybe we'll get to do other things we thought we'd have to put off a few more years.

Changes isn't always easy. But I've found it doesn't always has to be nerve-wracking, bite-your-nails change. It can also be full of possibilities, of new beginnings, of beauty and blessings.

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