Wednesday, April 7, 2010

50 Things about me

I'm not sure if I've posted this list here before or not. What can I say? My memory isn't what it used to be.
So I give you 50 random facts about me.

1) I was born on January 22. My parents' anniversary was on January 21 so my mom wanted me to be born on that day. I'm sure she is glad I wasn't, being they are no longer together.

2) I want to be a lawyer one day when I grow up. That's been my dream since 5th grade. Probably environmental law, so I could use all my degrees.

3) Until 2008, I had an irrational fear of the ocean. To the point I couldn't even drive along the ocean without having an anxiety attack. I got over it standing in front of the Pacific Ocean back in Panama.

4) I've lived in 3 countries in my life: Panama, Costa Rica, and now USA

5) I hate peanut butter and mushrooms.

6) I graduated 3rd in my senior class.

7) I chose my career path my senior year in high school. I thought I wanted to change majors when I was a junior in college. After going to career counseling, it turned out I could chose chemistry or chemical engineering. I stuck with engineering.

8) I've worn glasses since 6th grade. I broke my first pair because I hated wearing them. Thank God for contacts!

9)I had my first job when I was 13, wrapping presents during Christmas at a store back home. December in Panama = HOT. The area where I worked was outside so I spent the entire month wrapping presents for $5.60 per day. Yes, per day, it was minimum wage. I thought I was rich.

10) My father is a Buddhist.

11) I have 3 siblings from my father's first marriage, one brother, and two sisters.

12) I absolutely loved school. looked forward to going to school and learning new things. Yes, I know, I’m a geek. I never get tired of learning.

13) I arrived in New Orleans on December 20, 1990. Everything I owned fit inside a mid-size suitcase.

14) I love to cook and try to do so every day. I learned to cook watching my grandmother as a kid. I express my love for others through my cooking. I would love to be a chef.

15) I trained for the Chicago marathon back in 2007. I didn't get to finish it because they shut down the race due to the heat. But I know I could have finished. Longest run I've completed: 22 miles.

16) I want to run the entire Chicago marathon one day.

17) I've been to Niagara Falls in the winter. Amazing!

18) I collect elephant figurines.

19) I'm terrified of snakes. Can't even watch them on TV.

20) I've been camping once in my life.

21) I don't know how to swim. at all. can't even do the "doggie paddle".

22) I don't play any instruments, or sing.

23) I do watercolor painting to relax.

24) My favorite book is One Hundred Years of Solitude, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I've read it more times than I can remember, in both Spanish and English.

25) I've never broken a bone.

26) I love soccer.

27) I love dogs and don't care for cats.

28) Went to Ole Miss for both my undergrad and graduate degrees. I'm an Ole Miss Rebel. Enough said.

29) I like taking showers, not baths. Don't care to sit in a tub full of water.

30) I love walking around the house barefoot.

31) I read all the books in the Twilight Saga and loved them. Yes, not exactly a literary gem but I enjoyed them all the same.

32) I was married "twice" to the same man. sort of. We got married in the Baptist church, and a year later, in the Catholic church. Long story, for another time.

33) There are no plants inside my house. All of my plants die, even cactus.

34) I love flowers, specially carnations.

35) I love coffee. Gotta have a cup every morning to start my day the right way.

36) Wheat beer, chardonnay, and merlot. I like them all, but not at the same time.

37) I dream of moving back to Panama one day.

38) I have no regrets in life. Every choice I've made helped me become who I am.

39) I'm shy when I first meet people.

40) Aside from Panamanian food, I love Italian food.

41) I never dreamed of being a mom. It just wasn't part of my "life plan". Until I met my husband. Then I realized I wanted to bring life into this world. I'm glad I did.

42) If I could invite one person to dinner, dead or alive, I'd like to meet Mother Theresa. Her life was so inspiring, not just to Christians, but to all people.

43) I'm allergic to narrow minded people. They make me want to hit them so I avoid them at all costs.

44) I have a list of things I'd like to do before I leave this earth. It is a work in progress.

45) I know how to drive a manual transmission car. I traded mine for an automatic when I had kids so I could "reach in the backseat".

46) I hate, hate, hate to spend money on myself. I have no issues spending it on my kids, or on other people who need it. But myself? It can always wait.

47) I hope to write a book one day about my family. So many great people, and lots and lots of dysfunctional drama. ;-)

48) My first car was a 1979 (baby) Yellow Montecarlo. I loved that car.

49) Making this list was a lot harder than I thought. I realized how boring I am.

50) I hope to revise this list next year and hopefully have more interesting stuff to say.


-A said...

I hope you meant that you don't like peanut butter and mushrooms TOGETHER! Ew....

The Miller's Blog said...

I really like #43..... :-)

Kayra said...

No, I don't like peanut butter or any peanut products.
and I will pick mushrooms out of a pizza, cannot stand the texture.