Wednesday, March 10, 2010

College taught me...

There are many lessons I received while in college. Not the academic lessons I was there to receive, but lessons about life, about people, about friends.

College taught me sometimes people will surprise you. Unexpected kindness from strangers, a smile when you are feeling down, a shoulder to rely on. Sometimes the nice things people do for you are what helps you face the obstacles along your path.

College taught me some people cannot be trusted, not everyone you meet has your best interest at hand. It taught me not all elderly people are good people, sometimes they are just old bodies with mean hearts.

College taught me I matter, the person I am, not the money I have, or the car I drive. I matter because of what I can contribute to this world. I am valuable.

College taught me family is the most important thing, and they will be there when everyone else leaves.

College taught me the friends you make in college will stay with you through the years, for as long as you want them there.

College taught me I will make mistakes, and that's ok. There is no virtue in never making mistakes, it's learning from them that helps you grow.

College taught me to give people a chance. Sometimes you will find a friend in someone you'd never dreamed of meeting.

College was the best time of my life, before marriage and kids. I look back at those years and see the happiest times, with the best of friends. I laughed, I cried, I learned how to be a friend, and I learned how to cherish my friends. I embraced my past there, I embraced the person I was becoming, and I looked ahead to the future with hope.

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AgaveGirl said...

College taught me that beer froze when you left it in the freezer overnight.