Friday, October 24, 2008


I don't have a "topic" to discuss today. For starters, I have a wicked headache that refuses to leave, even though it has received an eviction notice (ibuprofen). Besides, there are several things going on in my head this morning.

* What's with artists and changing their names? First we had Prince, who wanted to be called by a symbol, then Garth Brooks who wanted to be Chris Gaines. Now Beyonce wants to be Sasha somebody. Are they insane? Is this what happens when you get famous? Brain cells begin to day and one day you wake up wanting to be someone else? Maybe they need to learn from Madonna, who still calls herself, well, Madonna.

* Has anyone been keeping up to date with the economy? It is like being on Space Mountain at DisneyWorld. It is dark and you just can't see if you are about to go up or down, you just hold on for dear life until the ride is over.

* Speaking of the economy, I never really like anything related to business. I took an economics class in high school and that was enough for me. I could not tell you what NASDAQ stands for, or what a hedge fund is. BUT I can listen to Kai Rysdall talk about the market all day long. I have a crush on his voice. I don't think anyone else on this planet can make news about the economy sound so entertaining. His show comes on at 6 PM on NPR.

* Why is it that politics always bring out the WORST in people? I'm not talking about the candidates either. I honestly think the candidates actually respect one another, but mudslinging is part of the deal.
I'm talking about the average person, the one you see on the street, talking trash about other people and feeling they are entitled to look down on others, simply because of their political choice. It happens on both sides of the coin too. This isn't a problem with only the followers of A or B party. It's on both sides.
It makes me ill, specially when people start attacking one another and they know NOTHING about the candidates' platforms, or what the candidates stand for. They have done no research on the issues; they simply are basing their support on either on what the candidate looks like, or what they think this candidate must be like in private; or what someone else said about the candidate (either a family member, church member, pastor, coworker).

Let's use our brains and draw our own conclusion about the candidates. And after we have drawn those conclusions, let's respect those who have a different conclusion than ours.

Happy Friday!


Sandi said...

I used to listen to Kai Rysdall every day ... that man knows how to broadcast a story. Do they have his shows available on podcasts? Now that would be great for the daily commute. :)

Style Expert said...

Maybe I should change from Cassandra to Shaniqua!

From the Doghouse said...

Madonna changed everything BUT her name!

And I agree; I get really tired of the "you're not as intelligent as I am" attitude from people regarding politics. The stereotypes that go along with it too.

Nicole Bradshaw said...

Re: political name-calling and muslinging - I think this is, in part, a symptom of media coverage of the campaign/election process. We watch these round-table shows, where they bring on reps from each candidate's "side" to "discuss issues," but what really happens is alot of yelling and fighting. In my opinion, no one comes out smelling like a rose.

Folks out in TV land watch this drivel and think that THIS is legitimate political discourse. So that's how they interact with others when they discuss politics. Life imitates "art."

Incidentally, I think this is one of the chief failings of the modern political process in America. People are so busy trying to attack a candidate's "character" rather than his/her positions on the issues that the issues hardly get discussed at all. Sad, sad, sad.