Thursday, October 9, 2008

Making Strides against Breast Cancer

Many of us know someone whose life has been touched by breast cancer. In my case, my cousin is a breast cancer survivor. She was diagnosed after she found a lump during a self-exam and went to the doctor. That simple act of giving herself a self exam may have saved her life. She is cancer free, after undergoing a mastectomy.

I was so happy to see her this past summer, when I went to Panama. She is so full of life, and so happy to be alive, it is contagious. I am so happy she is still able to enjoy the little things in life. As she said to me, never take your life for granted, even the smallest things, or the insignificant moments. It all matters.

Again this year, I am helping raise money for the American Cancer Society's "Making Strides against Breast Cancer". I want to help raise awareness about this disease and educate women ( and men) about it. A little education can go a long way.

Many people around the metro area are supporting this cause also, so if someone approaches you and asks for a donation, please consider giving. Think about your mother, daughter, sister, friend. Think about all the special women in your life, and consider donating in their honor.

To make a donation for my walk, just click on my website. You can make your donation online, and every dollar makes a big difference!


Confessions of A Mississippi Mom said...

I' am doing the walk in Biloxi for my sister-in-law and Mother it is so important to keep raising money for a cure ... At least I pray!!!

Happy to hear your cousin is doing good.

Sandi said...

Thanks for the post ... my mom's a breast cancer survivor too and I always try to support fundraisers like this.

Love your layout, BTW.

From the Doghouse said...

Best of luck. My mom's not a survivor.