Friday, February 8, 2008

I'm not doing a very good job with this blog lately. I don't have internet at home (I'm back in the dark ages), and work is insane these days. I know, excuses.

Valentine's day is coming. I wonder, do most people celebrate V-day? We really don't, it's just a Hallmark holiday for us. We are more of the "everyday is special" type people. We'll get a card for no reason at all, send I love you messages on the phone, etc.

Now that we have Candace, Valentine's day is more about her. Claude will get her a little gift and a card, so she'll have a special valentine from her dad. That means more to me than a box of chocolates.

I guess the same is true for birthdays, since I didn't even buy a cake for mine. ha. I guess I could always bake one of my favorites, Tres Leches Cake. It's a Latin recipe, you mix 3 different types of milk, and let the cake soak up all the liquid. sooo good.

The boys are growing and talking more. Their favorite word is NO. At least that one comes in handy now that I want to potty train them.
They are funny creatures, those two. They are definitely good friends, they hardly ever fight, and they enjoy each other's company. If one is crying, the other one will start talking to him, in their own jibberish language, as if trying to find out what is wrong. Too cute. I guess that's a bond those of us who are not twins cannot understand.

I cannot believe these 3 kids are mine. Watching Candace become a kid and no longer a baby it's a humbling experience. This amazing little girl grew up inside of me, and I brought her into this world.

And the mere fact I carried those 2 boys inside of me at the same time and for 34 wks continues to blow my mind.

God has blessed me in more ways than I deserve.


The Miller's Blog said...

I certainly can't imagine carrying TWO human beings inside of me! You're a true woman!

I want that cake recipe. Sounds really good!

Chicago_or_Bust said...

Good blog.

Happy Valentine's to your family!

BTW, The owners of A.J.'s Seafood Restaurant in Ridgeland are Columbian and have great Tres Leches Cake. (I doubt it is as good as homemade, but it's the only time we have had it).